Here's Your Gift from GVU


We asked some of the Deliberate Creators at Good Vibe University what advice they'd give themselves when they first started playing with the law of attraction ... in order to help shorten the learning curve for other manifesters.

Their words of wisdom were so insightful that we decided to share it with everyone.

No matter your level of experience with creating your own reality, your bound to find upliftment in the pages of this ebook.


(And feel free to share the wealth by passing it along to other deliberate creators who would benefit from mingling with fellow manifesters.)

Enjoy Your Free Ebook!

Jeannette Maw, Master Coach

Jeannette Maw is the founder of Good Vibe Coaching and host of the LOA party at Good Vibe University.

She publishes Good Vibe Blog and monthly articles in The Catalyst magazine. Jeannette lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with several furry friends.

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